Liqui Moly DI Jectron Gasoline Direct Injection Cleaner (300ml)

Evans High Performance coolant is ready to use—no water required. It contains no silicates or phosphates and requires no Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA).

  • Boiling Point: Above 375°
  • Antifreeze Properties: Protects below -40°F
  • Benefits: Eliminates corrosion and pump cavitation, reduces system pressure, prevents overheating, maximizes BHP
  • Life Span: Extended life

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LIQUI MOLY recommends DIJectron particularly for modern 4-stroke gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines. Contents (300 mL) is sufficient for 50–70 Liters (13 gal. to 18 gal.) of fuel.

The unique combination of proven PEA technology and the latest additive generation achieves maximum cleaning performance in the combustion chamber, in and around the injector tip and in the entire fuel system. Furthermore, DIJectron stops the formation of new deposits so that complex injector systems always work at the highest efficiency. Regular use of DIJectron significantly reduces the risk of engine damage caused by Low Speed Pre Ignition (LSPI), optimizes exhaust gas emissions and protects the fuel system from corrosion.

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