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JMF DSM Top Mount Exhaust Manifold

JMF DSM Top Mount Exhaust Manifold

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8-10 Weeks

   So you want to run a giant turbo on your DSM? Then we have exactly what you need to make that possible! Here is our DSM top mounted turbo, tubular exhaust manifold. Made from thick walled 304 stainless steel tubing. Featuring multi-pass TIG welded joints, CNC machined 1/2" thick 304 stainless steel flanges, and a investment cast merge collector. The ports are gasket matched and smoothed to perfection for the best of flow and each flange is surfaced for a leak free seal.

   With this manifold on a 1G you will still be able to keep your power steering and a full size radiator however your fans will need to be relocated. Alternator relocation is required when running a 3.5" or larger exhaust. This manifold is designed to work with a 6-bolt block, it will fit a 7-bolt block but there is a small unnecessary portion of casting on the front of the 7-bolt block that will need to be sanded down slightly. 2G fitment is VERY tight with a full size radiator, we recommend using a 1/2 sized radiator for an easier install.

Downpipe and wastegate dump tubes are NOT included but can be custom made to your spec, please contact us for pricing.  If you choose the divided T4 flange option you will need to run 2 wastegates.  Wastegate placement may vary from pictures depending on which turbo you are running.

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