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JMF EVO 7/8/9 Twin Scroll Stock Replacement Manifold

JMF EVO 7/8/9 Twin Scroll Stock Replacement Manifold

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12-14 Weeks

    Replace your restrictive OEM cast exhaust manifold with our high flowing tubular model.  By far the best EVO Twin Scroll manifold on the market today!  With 100's of these manifolds sold around the world, you won't find a nicer piece!  


  • Fits EVO 4-9
  • Thick wall stainless steel schedule 10 pipe
  • Multi-pass Tig welded joints
  • CNC machined stainless steel flanges
  • 3D transition head flange
  • Investment cast merge collector
  • Full 304 stainless steel construction

 Power gains can be expected throughout the entire RPM band.  Just by bolting this manifold on to a stock turbo you can see 25hp gains.

Install Tip: Move the studs in the turbine housing from the front holes to the rear holes for an easier installation.

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