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Nitto RB30 Standard Stoke Pistons

Nitto RB30 Standard Stoke Pistons

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Nitto's piston manufacturer, CP Carrilllo, are a subsidiary of Austrian automotive manufacturer Pankl Racing. For those who are unaware, Pankl are the ONLY company outside of the factory F1 and Le Mans teams to produce components for those categories. Thus, CP are party to the most leading technologies and apply this to ALL Nitto pistons. That’s right. If you use CP Nitto pistons, you are enjoying the benefits of world leading technologies and techniques.

At a more technical level, all of Nitto's forced induction pistons are designed and manufactured with CP’s 2618 low silicone content Turbo HD forging. Further, CP deliver the premium equipment for bore sealing with their PVD Turbo ring sets, which are the latest technology for bore sealing and reduced friction. The PVD Turbo rings eliminate significant blow by, enabling your engine to find the most power whilst remaining efficient. CP 9310 wrist pins, standard across our range, are 100% Rockwell tested, case hardened and are cryogenically treated for improved strength and material grain structure. All of Nitto's pistons feature forced double pin oiling, anti detonation and accumulator grooves.

Nitto piston designs have been been backed by multiple world records across multiple categories.


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