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Cusco Direct Ignition Coil Pack Set - EJ20 / EJ25 Engines

Cusco Direct Ignition Coil Pack Set - EJ20 / EJ25 Engines

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Compared to the single spark of the genuine ignition coil, 4 sparks are generated in 1/1000 second units
in the low to medium speed range (1,000 to 4,000 rpm) , greatly improving ignition performance. . Due to the large increase in the number of coil turns, even in the high rotation range where it switches to a single spark, the spark energy is increased by up to 46% compared to the genuine one, improving combustion efficiency. [Effect] Increased power, torque, and response in all ranges from low to high rpm Improved engine startability [Others] Ultra-compact multi-spark unit built into the direct ignition coil body Genuine replacement type that does not require processing for installation Genuine ECU, aftermarket ECU, sub computer/full computer compatible



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