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EBC GD Drilled/Slotted Rear Rotors RX-7 FC

EBC GD Drilled/Slotted Rear Rotors RX-7 FC

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The wide aperture slots in the GD Sport Rotors series have been shown to reduce brake temperatures by up to 100 degrees by drawing cooling air beneath the brake pad under load.

  • Cooler brakes
  • Resistance to cracking is possible through drilled rotors
  • Water mud and debris are expelled from the brake area by the slot pattern which is fully machined to the edge of the rotor for this reason. (Slots that stop short of the rotor edge can cause pocketing of debris and generate a rib on the rotor outer edge.)
  • As the pad and rotor wear the slots maintain a perfectly flat and smooth pad surface and prevent rotor ribbing.


 Years Make Model Liter Cylinder Notes
89-99 Mazda RX-7
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