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Kelford 4A-GE 20V Turbo Camshafts

Kelford 4A-GE 20V Turbo Camshafts

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Upgrading a camshaft is a very technical and complicated subject. Here are a few different factors of a car’s performance that a Kelford Cams camshaft can improve and deliver:
• Increased engine torque
• Improved RPM performance
• Enhanced horsepower
• Better engine idle smoothness
• Higher engine speed performance
• Superior fuel efficiency


194-TA Turbocharged 4AGE engine camshaft. 264° cams work with turbo sizing 46-54mm. Still suitable for street driven engines, maintains good drivability. Retains VVT on intake. Good increase in mid-high RPM power compared to OEM cams on turbo applications. Great with E85. Kelford Cams recommends KVS51-B valve spring upgrade.  

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