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Kelford Beehive Springs / Titanium Retainers Toyota 1UZ-FE

Kelford Beehive Springs / Titanium Retainers Toyota 1UZ-FE

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TOYOTA 1UZ-FE (non-VVTi). Performance Beehive spring and Titanium retainer kit to suit shim under bucket conversions. The retainer is designed to accommodate a 10mm diameter shim which are commonly available. This will allow for a cost effective way to professionally set up a racing cylinder head with modified valvetrain.

-This conversion kit is designed around the OEM valve tip height geometry, OEM cam base circle diameter (34mm) and OEM Toyota buckets with OEM shim (around 7.3mm total thickness).

-When KVS207 is used with DLC bucket KCF-207 (3.78mm shim thickness) a 10mm shim in the 3.4mm-3.6mm thickness range is required. This is assuming OEM valve tip height and OEM cam base circle are retained.

Valve spring data: 83lb seat pressure at 33.4mm installed height. 180lb at 11.0mm valve lift. Coil bind at 20.85mm.

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