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Nitto 4G63 Stroker Kits 2.3L

Nitto 4G63 Stroker Kits 2.3L

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The 4G63 is very much so a tried, true and tested platform. The 4G63 is synonymous with the Mitsubishi Evolution brand and has earned a reputation as a strong and reliable 2.0L kit throughout the years. However, as time has progressed, the desire for greater capacity has given rise to us developing a kit that increases the capacity to 2.3L

The kit consists of Nitto/CP pistons in either 85.5mm/+0.020" or 86mm/+0.040", cut from the Turbo HD forging, PVD Turbo ring set for the ultimate sealing capabilities and, of course, the CP 9310 wrist pins. Nitto 4340 150mm I-beam and H-beam connecting rods are both available for the stroker kits and come with ARP 2000 rod bolts as standard. The option to purchase Custom Age 625 rod bolts is also available on purchase. Finally, the Nitto 4G63 2.3L EN40B stroker crank is also included in the kit.

Part Number Bore Stroke Material Connecting Rod Rod Length Capacity
NIT-STK-4G63I23855 85.5MM/+0.020" 100MM EN40B I-Beam 150MM 2.3L
NIT-STK-4G63I2386 86MM/+0.040" 100MM EN40B I-Beam 150MM 2.3L
NIT-STK-4G63H23855 85.5MM/+0.020" 100MM EN40B H-Beam 150MM 2.3L
NIT-STK-4G63H2386 86MM/+0.040" 100MM EN40B H-Beam 150MM 2.3L
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