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Recaro Speed 5 Seats

Recaro Speed 5 Seats

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The RECARO Speed V seat is based on our popular Speed model, with unique design features and fabrics that will complement the styling of high-end sports cars and sports sedans. The seat was inspired by our racing shells, and is designed for the rigors of performance driving. When you sit in a RECARO Speed V seat, you can feel the difference that superior ergonomics can make. The entire seat is lined with thick, dense, high-quality foam that keeps you firmly in place and ensures long lasting support and comfort. After a long drive, your body feels relaxed and you feel refreshed.


Backrest release on both sides
Backrest adjustment, manual


Composite materials


Integrated headrest
Special lateral support in the backrest area
Special lateral support in the seat cushion area
Specially formed shoulder support
Dynamic ride performance


Highly fire-resistant upholstery


Key for comfort dimensions:
A: Seat height
B: Seat width
C: Seat depth

Dimensions in inches, all dimensions ±0.4 inch

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