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OS Giken Toyota Soarer JZZ30 Twin Plate Clutch - STR2CD

OS Giken Toyota Soarer JZZ30 Twin Plate Clutch - STR2CD

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The STR Clutch line-up was designed to hold high capacity power while still retaining a relatively light clutch pedal. This technology was driven from our racer's demand for a lighter clutch during long endurance races in Japan. Heavy clutch pedals lead to driver fatigue during long endurance racing. 

The STR2CD Twin plate dampened clutches give some forgiveness to the transmission by absorbing drivetrain shock while providing reliability and strength under heavy abuse. The end result is a quiet and reliable clutch set that will go years before needing overhaul. The STR2C is good up to about 575 lbs ft torque maximum.

System: Push
Damper: Spring
Type: Aluminum Cover
Number of Discs: Twin
Disc Outer Diameter: 215mm
Torque response Nm (kgf/m): 9, 800Nm (1, 000kgf/m)

- Sleeve release bearing included.
- Movement Kit included.
- OS Giken Flywheel bolts needed for installation.

 Years Make Model Liter Cylinder Notes
91-01 Toyota Soarer 2.5L 6 1JZ-GTE
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