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PERRIN Equal Length Header 02-14 WRX 04-21 STI

PERRIN Equal Length Header 02-14 WRX 04-21 STI

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2.0L WRX engines will require 2.5L STi oil pans to avoid fitment issues during install.

The PERRIN equal length header comes with collectors that are designed to increase overall airflow. This precise construct will creates an increase in reliablitly and power, while significantly changing the tone of the exhaust note.

This Header has been created to bolt on and go, without tuning required to safely use this header on factory maps. With this being said, to unlock the true power potential of this header, tuning will be required. 

The equal length design produces a smooth, balanced exhaust flow from the Subaru's heads to the turbocharger, giving you the best of both worlds; quicker turbo response, as well as an increase in torque throughout the entire RPM range. This can be the OEM up-pipe, as well as any 2 bolt aftermarket up-pipe.

Brushed 304 stainless steel construction 

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