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Titanium Cam Gear Bolts

Titanium Cam Gear Bolts

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Platinum Racing Products proudly brings you our custom made M7 fine pitch thread titanium cam gear bolts. Made to our standard by PRP and not found ANYWHERE in any bolt shop, these bolts have ZERO magnetic interference as titanium is a non-ferrous material. You also have the option of replacing the yellow OEM square washers (which are prone to corrosion) with one of our billet ones, we have also added the option to purchase replacement trigger kit washers.

Benefits of PRP Titanium Cam Gear Bolts:

  • No Magnetic Interference with sensors
  • Less Rotating Mass
  • Ultra Strong
  • Machined meticulously to provide easy installation
  • Perfect replacement for broken, worn or discoloured  cam gear bolts or to eliminate cam trigger home signal interference. 

The ultimate in reliability for your valvetrain, fits the following engines:

  • RB20 / RB25 / RB25 NEO / RB26 / RB30 Single Cam
  • VG30 DE / VG30 DET / VG30DETT
  • CA18
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