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Remflex 2.5 Inch Exhaust Gasket (Pair)

Remflex 2.5 Inch Exhaust Gasket (Pair)

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2-1/2" Pipe Flange
2 Bolt Holes - One slotted, 3-29/32" Bolt Hole Spacing
INSTALLATION TIPS:  We want you to get the most from your new Remflex exhaust gaskets.  To assure your complete satisfaction, please follow these basic installation guidelines:

1.)  DO NOT BEND!  Remflex gaskets are designed to withstand clamping force and incredible heat, but not bending.
            If you bend them, they will break!

2.)  Do not over tighten.  When properly installed the flange should be tightened evenly - See the suggested torque range.

3.)  Longer bolts aren't necessary.  Though Remflex are thicker than other gaskets, standard length bolts will work fine.

4.)  Do not use sealers.  Silicone and other sealers cannot withstand the same temperature as Remflex gaskets, and can actually cause leaks.
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