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Ross Performance Toyota 4A-GE RWD Harmonic Damper

Ross Performance Toyota 4A-GE RWD Harmonic Damper

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Keep your screaming AE86 together while you battle Team Emperor on Mount Akagi with a Ross Performance Parts Toyota 4A-GE Harmonic Damper.

Whether you’re after a performance OEM replacement or the full 1000hp treatment, we have a solution to suit.

Metal Jacket 

  • High-performance OEM replacement Metal Jacket Harmonic Damper
  • Rated for 500hp
  • Maintains OEM pulley diameters, locations and profiles

Race Series (Single Pulley) 

  • High-performance Race Series Harmonic Damper – Designed for a race application
  • Rated for 1000hp
  • Underdriven Accessory Pulley – 8.5% underdriven
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