Re-Flash Tuning

This is the calibration technique known as re-flashing or flash tuning. It is done by downloading data out of the factory (OEM) ECU through the OBD2 port, altering of the required data/maps using software on a laptop, then re-flashing, or uploading, the altered data back into the ECU. Re-flashing allows the engine/transmission to be tuned the same way that the factory calibration engineers perform this task . This is the most cost effective option since the ECU is already fitted to the vehicle, wiring & sensors are already installed, eliminating the expense for a programmable aftermarket ECU and installation that would normally be required.

We Have Stage 1, 2 Tunes For Specific Parts & Modifications (we also custom calibrate files for vehicles on our in-house dyno).

We have experience with these software’s.

  • COBB (Protuner) Certified on (Nissan GT-R & Subaru) support for Porsche, VW, BMW, Mitsubishi, Ford Mazdaspeed
  • Unitronic Authorized Dealer
  • Uprev Authorized Protuner / Dealer
  • ECUTek Authorized Protuner / Dealer Support for BRZ / FRS / FT86
  • Hondata Flashpro Authorized Dealer
  • HP Tuners (Reflash and Custom)
  • ECU Flash (Subaru & Mitsubishi)
  • JB4 Authorized Dealer
  • SCT Custom Tunes, Minor Corrections & logging
  • Diablosport Custom Tunes, Minor Corrections & logging