The Team

The work we do requires a certain passion. There is no punch-in, punch-out attitude that could survive in these realms. Each team member brings a unique background to our automotive repertoire.

Our 10+ years of experience in the performance industry has given us the valuable knowledge needed to provide only the best solution for your vehicle.

We understand we are working with people who want to achieve their dream build, just like us. So every vehicle we give attention to is taken care of like its one of our own.

Our crew has been hand picked to bring the best knowledge and expertise we can to our clients. Our devotion is to you, and the machine that brings you the freedom you deserve.

Kyle Scanlan

Owner and Certified Pro Tuner. Kyle has spent his whole life working around vehicles. His dedication to giving his clients the best experience with their vehicle is something to admire. Over the past 10+ years of operating CMS, Kyle has worked tirelessly to sharpen his skills and become proficient in a select variety of tuning platforms. Always learning, always moving forward, we say he’s like the vehicle tuning Sensei of the Okanagan.

Justine Boyer

Co-Owner & General Manager. Justine has been in the garage since before she could walk and she never left. Justine is our performance parts specialist, Parts estimator for day to day work orders, Project planner for large jobs, Head of Purchasing, and managing the Classified crew. Justine is the lead designer CMS merchandise and new products development. She keeps all of Classified running smoothly by attending to the background operations as well as those at the front lines.

Adrien Lengyel

Certified Technician. Formerly from Red Deer, AB, Adrien moved to Kelowna in late 2018. As a Red Seal Certified Technician & Nissan Factory Trained, Adrien has been working in the automotive industry since 2008. He is Classified Motorsports Lead technician, wiring specialist and assists in the development of our vehicle performance packages. No matter what kind of vehicle he is working on, he takes pride in being incredibly thorough and focusing on attention to details. Adrien loves the Nissan GTR and the engineering behind that platform along with luxury supercars he works on.

Jonathan Hintz

Jonathan is Classified Motorsports Service Adviser, when you call to book an appointment, or are awaiting the update status on your vehicle he is man in charge that will get in contact with you. Keeping our team organized in the schedule with work orders, Jon plays a one of the most valuable parts in our ecosystem. Jon is also thoroughly involved with our online store, and the creator/Graphix designer of new decals, windshield banners. When you stop by to drop off your vehicle, or are picking up he is the Jon will get you sorted out.

Jayson Poeschek

The face behind the auto dimming mask belongs to our Fabricator Jayson. This Red Seal certified welder meticulously shapes metals into position with precision. Years of experience and an understanding in what materials to use lead up to making parts functional with a signature artistic presentation. Without this valuable asset in our team fabrication of parts not available for a certain application, parts not fitting correctly or flat out building something you can't purchase off the shelf.

Dakota Brown

4th Year Technician, Armed with a wealth of knowledge in VW & Audi, Dakota is our resident European Technician. He plays a vital roll in our ever growing company, constantly learning and always improving every day. Always learning new techniques and keeping current with new hardware/software. An avid racer and member of IRSA, Motorsports runs in his veins.

Nolan Strak

Nolan is one of our performance parts technicians and Classified Motorsports 3rd year apprentice. Developing and always improving his skills in the shop and on the parts counter. He is the assisting lead in our Subaru development program for performance packages. A valuable asset to keeping things running smoothly in the back of the shop and making sure scheduled maintenance is completed proficiently. Nolan loves GC8 Subaru’s, Overpouring with a wealth of knowledge about them and there works, we will never convert him to vertical pistons although we are trying.

Max Scanlan

Skilled in all levels of mechanical components and now currently our resident engine builder. Max brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the shop along with his meticulous craft of assembling engines. He is also an avid racer that likes to show his son he is faster on the race track.