I’ve been to Dyno Days, and also had some major work done on one of my vehicles with Classified, and I’ve always been pleased with their work and service. I would recommend them over any dealership for sure.

Jeff Walters

Love the work they do, and super happy with what they have done for my vehicle there. Keep up the great work guys look forward to seeing you again real soon. Josh is amazing and the fab team will blow your mind on crazy projects.

Christian Brunette

Unreal service. Got me in right away and had my vehicle running better than ever. Honedt staff and affordable rates. I drive a 95 delica which is not an easy vehicle to work on. The staff had experience with these so could easily be trusted. I was so happy with the service I look FWD to using this shop in the future. Thank-you to Justine for making my experience exceptional

Nicole Benson

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. They’ll make sure your build gets completed, cutting no corners, so it’s done right the first time. Anything from my little ol’ Honda to muscle and power machines, the crew at Classified has you covered.

Allie Cochrane