Automotive air conditioning systems are essential components in vehicles that provide comfort by regulating the interior temperature and humidity levels. These systems work on the principles of heat transfer and refrigeration.

Regular maintenance, such as checking refrigerant levels, cleaning or replacing filters, and ensuring the proper functioning of components, is important to keep the air conditioning system running efficiently. Proper maintenance helps prevent issues like reduced cooling performance, unusual odors, and increased energy consumption.

At Classified we are equipped to Test/Diagnose, Service & recharge A/C systems on a wide selection of vehicles.

If your system just needs a recharge we can recover the remaining refrigerant and oil, preform a vacuum leak test and identify leaks if further diagnostics is needed we fill the system with dye and nitrogen to verify leaks. If it just needs to be serviced it simply gets recharge & a system test.

We use a refrigerant identifier to make sure the correct refrigerant is being used in the system, and charge the system to manufactured specs.