Our High Performance Maintenance Program:

Tailored to your vehicle, the correct parts & fluids Provided by Liqui Moly & Motul. Our many parts suppliers are selected for the stress level your modified vehicle will experience. This will ensure your vehicle will endure the conditions, and any given driving style you have in mind. 

We Can Offer Services Such As:

  • Tailored Vehicle Maintenance Modified Vehicles
  • Regular Vehicle Maintenance
  • Synthetic Fluid Services
  • Performance Tire Mounting & Balancing
  • Performance Brake Service
  • Diagnostics / Troubleshooting
  • Scheduled Services A/B/C
  • Injector Servicing/Cleaning
  • Intake Valve/Port Decarbonizing/Cleaning
  • CEL (Check Engine Light) Diagnoses
  • Installation of Factory Or Higher Quality Replacement Parts
  • (Pressurized) Leak Tests
  • Compression Tests For Piston & Rotary Vehicles
  • Leak-down Tests
  • Dyno Diagnostics
  • ECU Updates/Reprogramming
  • TCU Updates/Reprogramming
  • Performance Engine Building/Replacements
  • Aftermarket Wiring such as Electronics, Gauges