Classified Motorsports specializes in the Sales of Aftermarket Parts, Engine Upgrades, Engine Building, Rotary Engine Building, Fuel Systems Upgrades, Drivetrain Upgrades, Brake Upgrades, Suspension Upgrades, Bushing Replacement, Corner Balancing, Diagnostics Electrical/Mechanical, ECU & TCU Re-flash Tuning, Dyno Tuning, and Wiring.

We have access to a wide range of performance parts for Japanese, European, Exotic, and Domestic vehicles. With our in-house dyno, we are able to provide engine health analysis, drivetrain diagnostics, speedometer calibration analysis & power numbers before & after a modifications.

  • Control

    A major key in your motorsports experience is your overall control of your vehicle, and the way it handles. Hold the edge over your competitors with the latest in suspension, bushings, braking, and tuning technology.

  • Power

    Throughout our many years of business, we have built, tested, and tuned multiple platforms over generations of vehicles from stock to swapped. From supplying exhausts and turbos, to swapping engines and dialing in that perfect map, we can cover all your power needs.

  • Feel

    Piloting your special project shouldn't be uncomfortable. Tailor your driving experience to your desire with multiple lines of seats, steering wheels, shift knobs, and shifters available at your request, or though our store. make it easier to drive what you love, and love what you drive.

A Few Of Our Favourite Jobs