ECU (Re-Flash) Tuning

This is the calibration technique known as re-flashing or flash tuning. It is done by downloading data out of the factory (OEM) ECU/DME through the OBD2 port or Bench Flashing, altering of the required data/maps using software on a laptop, then re-flashing, or uploading, the altered data back into the ECU. Re-flashing allows the engine/transmission to be tuned the same way that the factory calibration engineers perform this task . This is the most cost effective option since the ECU is already fitted to the vehicle, wiring & sensors are already installed, eliminating the expense for a programmable aftermarket ECU and installation that would normally be required.

We Have Stage 1, 2 Tunes For Specific Parts & Modifications (we also custom calibrate files for vehicles on our in-house dyno). Asian/European/Exotic/Domestic. Our tunes are dyno tested to make sure that the tune is not to aggressive for the fuel quality in the area and Hi Okanagan ambient air temperatures.

  • COBB (Protuner) Certified on (Nissan GT-R & Subaru) support for Porsche, VW, Mitsubishi
  • HP Tuners FORD, MOPAR & GM  (Gen3 & 4 GM Bench Flash Available)
  • Unitronic Authorized Protuner/Dealer
  • Uprev Authorized Protuner / Dealer
  • Versa Tuner For Mazda Vehicles
  • ECUTek Authorized Protuner / Dealer Support for BRZ / FRS / FT86 / GR86
  • ECUTek Authorized Protuner Subaru K-Line Impreza 1999-2000 / Legacy Twin Turbo / Impreza Turbo STI/WRX 2002-07 & WRX 2008-14 /2008+ STI and Forester Turbo 
  • ECMLink DSM 2G & Evo 1-3 Stage 1&2 Tunes (Custom Dyno Tuning Available)
  • Hondata K-pro
  • Hondata Flashpro Authorized Dealer Flash
  • Hondata S300
  • ECU Flash (Subaru Impreza, WRX, STI, Forester & Legacy / Mitsubishi EVO 5-X & 4G)

For newer vehicles, we can offer improved maps for power and fuel changes using Autotuner, to squeeze all the potential out of your ride.

Customers looking to tune Various new BMW platforms, as well as new MK5 Supra models, we also have a solution. Our team will work with FEMTO, and Bootmod3 to unlock, modify, and tune your vehicle to your needs.