Walnut Blasting: Is now part of the routine maintenance for your GDI engines, service intervals of cleaning the intake valves and ports using walnut media.

We have adapters for most vehicles, and if we do not have one for the engine in your vehicle we can CNC one.

Preventative Maintenance:

  • Proper GDI approved Engine oil 
  • Changing engine oil at manufactured specific intervals
  • On performance engines it is not uncommon to use methanol or water injection to keep the back side of the intake valves and ports clean. 
  • Catch cans & Air oil separator tanks can help reduce the amount of oil vapor entering the intake system from the vehicles PCV system, combating LSPI along with the oil coking on the back side of the intake valves.
  • Engine calibration can also change the EGR effect of valve opening on the intake side to reduce carbon deposits.
  • Driving at increased engine speeds can help reduce effective build up on the intake valves at the cost of slightly higher fuel consumption.
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