As a driver in any situation, you need your physical connection to the road to be predictable, reliable, and suited to your application. At Classified Motorsports, we can help you find the perfect combination of tire and wheel for the conditions, terrain, and specified use of each customer, and their vehicle. Don't let crappy rubber and cast be the reason your in second place, or worse yet, making yourself part of the roadside scenery.

  • Winter

    Play it safe in your winter wonderland near you with a fresh set of winter rated tires. Sets Available in studded, and studless Options.

  • Summer

    Don't let those winter tires melt on the hot pavement like an ice-cream in July. Be prepared with the latest and greatest summer tires available from all treadwear and grip ratings.

  • Track

    An extremely important factor often overlooked by casual enthusiasts. R compound tires of the right tread pattern and size will help you shave that lap time down with ease.

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  • Snow

    Letting those gleaming new wheels take the brunt of the winter months can take a toll on the finish. Gear up with some steelies, or a cheaper set to preserve the look

  • Stance/Show

    A widely debated style chosen by many in which the design and flair of each wheel is endless. From multi-piece to deep dish forged wheels, we can make it happen.

  • Sport

    In motorsport, we are always looking for an advantage over our competitors, and wheels play a key role. Keep your unsprung weight low, and rotational mass light with form forged, and rotary forged wheels at our disposal.

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