At Classified Motorsports our facility is equipped with wide range of metal working tools, skilled craftsmen who are artists in their trade not just metal workers. Each piece we construct is done to the highest of quality, not only designed to perform but the finished product is a beautiful aesthetic addition to your vehicle.

When It Doesn't Exist for your Vehicle, We Build It.

When you are looking for someone to build a custom exhaust, or plumbing for your turbo, or supercharger system, reach out and see what we can do for you.

Materials Welded:




Mild Steel


A Few Things We Create/Install

Roll cages

Custom Downpipes

Intercooler end tanks

Intercooler piping

Blow off valves

Screamer pipes

Custom exhaust systems


Weld in bungs and fittings

Custom parts

Catch Cans

Oil Pans / Sump Extensions

Expansion tanks

Fabricate It
  • Rollcages

  • Intercooler Piping & Intakes

  • Down Pipe & Screamer Pipe

  • Body Kit Fit up & Install