CMS Racing Development

  • Through years of "Development/experimentation" using high-end and budget levels of performance parts from a large list of different brands in the industry. We have hand-selected combinations of parts that complement each other, fit correctly the first time and come from brands we trust. We will never have all the answers for every situation/Project as we are always evolving Thoe we can share our experiences and help you make a more educated decision.

    We have experience in

    • Corner balancing
    • Vehicle Weigh Analysis
    • Speedometer Accuracy Calibration VIA Dyno With Print Out
    • Track Alignments
    • Dyno Tuning
    • Heat Management
    • Motorsports Wiring
    • Aero Installation
    • Body Kits & Spoilers
  • At Classified Motorsports we are a retail parts store that sells required safety equipment for racing, through trials and tribulations we can help assist you in making the correct purchase on things that matter the most.

    • Performance Aftermarket Race Parts Sales

    • SFI-certified Racing Wheels

    • Tires: Race compound, Hill climb, semi-slicks, DOT drag radials, Specific tires for your class. (Discounts for SCCA members)

    • Safety Equipment, Race suits, Hanz devices, Gloves, Boots, Helmets, Fuel cells, Fire Suppressants

    • Nitrous Oxide (NOS) Filling station on site

    We stock these fuels for street and racing:

    • E85 Ethanol

    • E100 Ethanol

    • Boostane Octane enhancer

    • Race Gas 117 Octane