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IAG Stage 2 CNC Ported EJ25 11mm Oil Pump

IAG Stage 2 CNC Ported EJ25 11mm Oil Pump

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For 04-21 STI, 02-14 WRX, 05-09 LGT, 04-13 FXT


Over the last few years if you wanted an upgraded oil pump over the stock 11mm you would either buy a hand ported model from a trusted source, or often an OEM JDM (Japanese Market) 12mm pump. We believe that we have developed a better alternative. The IAG Stage 2 CNC Ported 11mm oil pumps have shown through lab testing on a Spintron Machine that it will outperform a JDM 12mm.

Increasing oil flow volume and pressure in an EJ25 ensures that the bearings have sufficient oil film under all power levels and driving conditions. Additional oil flow to the engine provides a greater oil reserve to operate the AVCS solenoids and cam gears - giving you more consistent performance results.


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