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OS Giken Toyota JZA80 Twin Plate Clutch - TS2CD

OS Giken Toyota JZA80 Twin Plate Clutch - TS2CD

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The TS Series clutch lineup is a great entry level start for moderate increase in power. This clutch is very easy to drive in single, twin, or triple plate applications while providing a fairly stock pedal pressure. These come in many disc sizes (A,B,C) depending on the type of performance build you are looking to do. 

A Disc Size = 184mm
This disc size is primarily designed for your naturally aspirated build and/or supercharged. Single disc torque 250 lbs ft. Twins 400 lbs ft. 

B Disc Size = 204mm
The B size disc is the start for turbocharged applications. Some applications cannot allow for a larger disc size and so this would be considered the first step for turbo cars. Single disc torque 300 lbs ft. Twins 550 lbs ft. 

C Disc Size = 215mm
C sized clutch discs are our largest discs available for the TS series lineup. This would be your heavy hitter type clutch. Single disc torque 350 lbs ft. Twins 750 lbs ft. 


 Years Make Model Liter Cylinder Notes
93-02 Toyota Supra 3L 6 GTE
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